Incense Smoker The Carpenter’s Glue Oven

Incense Smoker The Carpenter’s Glue Oven

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for use with incense cones

In previous centuries, the original of our little round iron stove was often built and much in use.

For what?

  • as a glue oven, fired with wood-cuttings, to keep wood glue made from animal bones warm in joiners’ workshops
  • a useful and flexible alternative to firing a large kitchen stove for swift, early morning breakfast action
  • it was the principle source of heat in railway wagons and construction vehicles
  • particularly useful if one needed additional heating in some cold corner of the house in mid-winter
  • as a means of producing warm water for various purposes

and much more…

Its obvious advantages are its light weight, its compact size and its ability to deliver instant heat. We produce a table-sized, cast-iron replica of this classic oven, specifically for the enjoyment of burning our exquisite incense cones!  


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