Incense Smoker Small Workshop Oven

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"Simple and strong"

Also available in a double format, with a second tube for the storage of burning materials. In former times, work places and workshops also required heating. This had to be simple and highly functional. Quite likely, the type of fuel should not have mattered. A rapidly produced and long-lasting source of heat was important. Our “Warkstattufm“ fits the bill. We are offering it to you in single and double form. The lower tube is for storing the fuel – namely our finest quality incense cones! Another highly functional feature: there are two burners which can be used independently from each other. The side burner is for the use of drilled cones.
Simply amazing!

Size: Height/Breadth/Depth: 110mm/130mm/70 mm
Weight: 246 g
Colour: blac

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